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Riversimple, A Network Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Riversimple began with a hydrogen fuel cell, a manifesto for sustainable design and a blank sheet of paper. Every aspect of the Rasa has been created and interrogated for simplicity, efficiency, lightness, strength, affordability, safety and sustainability. And the name Rasa is a nod to that blank sheet of paper – Tabula Rasa means ‘Clean slate’ in Latin.
This first car is a two seater ‘network electric’ car, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The engineering prototype has clocked over 60mph and has been weaving neatly through the traffic in London, as well as gliding down the country lanes of Powys.The chassis is a carbon fibre monocoque made from very lightweight but extremely…
17 February 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Riversimple Release A Shot Of Hydrogen Road Car

The British company has released a teaser shot of the engineering prototype of its first hydrogen-powered road car which will be revealed on 17th…
15 February 2016

Range Extenders For Electric Vehicles

This article shares some of the research in the new IDTechEx report, "Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2013-2023" ( which covers all such vehicles, on land, on/under water and airborne. Hybrid versions of electric vehicles are the successful part of the electric car business, outselling pure electric versions by at least six to one. Hybrids are soon to be a major part of the electric aircraft and boat businesses and in the form of…
01 January 2014 / Dr. Peter Harrop Chairman
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