Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar The Catalonian company OndaBike has provided us with their ONDA MINI electric bike, a folding bike […]
OndaBike Mini
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OndaBike Mini

The Catalonian company OndaBike has provided us with their ONDA MINI electric bike, a folding bike designed for city use, we enjoyed for three weeks. This bike is designed to suit all budgets at a competitive price in the market for folding electric bikes.

The Prestige Electric Car team has chosen to do different tests with this bike: autonomy, power by level of attendance, behavior and using it on climbing up in routes between towns on the mountains.

On the issue of autonomy the bike has behaved excellently and we were surprised at the wide range offered by its small lithium-ion battery from Phylion, 24V, 9.5Ah and a weight of 3.25 kilos, for which OndaBike gives a guarantee of 6 months. We have given an intense use with a level of "help" between 4 and 5 (5 being the maximum level) on many mountains streets. The power assistance has lasted about more than 40 kilometers and still had more in reserve. Recharging the bike is very comfortable, since you can remove the battery from the bike and carry it quietly at home in about five hours.

We have also carried this little electric bike to its limits in asecending mountain routes up to 20%. The OnaBike got pass smoothly with a the level 5 for motor aid. It doesn´t lost a lot of engine power due to its DC 24V 9.5Ah 8FUN engine wirth a power of 250W, adapted to the European standard electric bicycle circulation laws.

The bike is ideal for use between villages and urban routes. We tested the bike going to the doctor which was located in the neighboring village at a distance of about two kilometers uphill and with a final climb of almost 20%. The bike behaved perfectly without feeling in no time it was out of power or it would not be able to bear it. But we had to secure the bike with two locks and let in the light to enter without fear of theft to the doctor´s office.

This bike is perfect for less trained people who like to use the bike as a transport. It is ideal to be able to combine portability without getting tired but realising some movements, thanks to being a pedelec, which connects the help of the electric engine only when you assit pedaling. It can be used even at night by having a front LED connected to the display located on the handle, using the battery power.

Although the bicycle speed is limited to 25 km / h to suit European regulations, it can be increased up to 40 km /h with the display. Although the engine does not have enough power to reach 40 km/h, if I can give a good support up to 35 km/h.

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