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QEV Technologies Develops For Chinese Brands

The catalan QEV Technologies, also responsible for the electric drivetrain of Hispano-Suiza Carmen, exhibits at the Shanghai Motor Show three electric…
17 April 2019

Geely Geometry A, First Of The New Range

The large Chinese conglomerate Geely has just created its new brand Geometry, which will be dedicated to the production of electric vehicles. At the…
15 April 2019

SF Motors Presents Its SF5 In Shanghai

The Chinese start-up SF Motors, with production plant and facilities both in Indiana (United States) and in the Chinese city Chongqing, plus design…
14 April 2019

350.000 Electric Kilometers With The Quantino48Volt

The Quantino48Volt, built by the nanoFlowcell holding from Liechtenstein, has more than 350.000 kilometers covered till today. Every single kilometre…
14 April 2019

GFG Kangoroo, Next Creation From Giugiaro

The new concept car by GFG Style, a two-seater, electric hyper-SUV with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering, is called Kangaroo and its styling is a…
07 April 2019
Manz Soluciones On-Off

Avial Bikes Presents New Ebike

After successful testing of the first prototype, a team of startup Avial Bikes enthusiasts presents its new ebike model, made on the basis of a patent…
07 April 2019

Pininfarina 1900 HP Battista In London

The most powerful car that will have been designed and built in Italy highlights the beauty of electrification – the first poster car for the…
07 April 2019

Bugatti Bébé II - Coming Back To An Electric Car Concept

The emblematic company Bugatti, today part of the Volkswagen Group and therefore in German hands, has presented its Bébé II, a replica of the…
02 April 2019

Silenciosos y Limpios


Empresa ubicada en Guipuzkoa fabricante de autobuses y autocares. Actualmente ofrece una versión totalmente eléctrica de muy buenas prestaciones, que le ha servido para obtener el premio nacional del medio ambiente.

120 Years Ago: The First Car Reaches 100 Km/h - An Electric Car

On April 29, the Belgian Camille Jenatzy presented himself again on the track of Achères in France to beat the speed record in his car, the…
29 March 2019

StreetScooter Concept For Japan

The German electric van StreetScooter, one of the best sold at present and in the hands of Deutsche Post (the German Post) with manufacture in Aachen…
27 March 2019

Walker Electric Buses In Spain

Not much is said about the history of electric vehicles in Spain, but step by step we are discovering stories about them. The company "Transports…
12 March 2019

Piëch Mark Zero Represents The New Electric Era

Innovation meets sports car feeling. A study of the new electric sports car Piëch Mark Zero combines typical sports car attributes and innovative…
07 March 2019

Goodyear Golden Sahara, First Autonomous Car

In collaboration with Klairmont Kollections, Goodyear unveiled the restored Golden Sahara II at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. An iconic…
06 March 2019
V. Christian Manz

Irizar Ie-Truck, The Electric Truck From Spain

Irizar goes one step further in its commitment to sustainable urban mobility and incorporates the Irizar ie truck into its range of zero-emission…
01 March 2019
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