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5,6 Millions Electric Car Worldwide

According to the German Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Centre (ZSW), the total number of 100% electric, plug-in and range-extender vehicles - cars…
15 February 2019

The Electric Hispano-Suiza At Geneva Motor Show

The new electric Hispano-Suiza Carmen is already being announced in the Spanish press, it will be a bombshell at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show which…
29 January 2019

Nio Installs Battery Replacement Station In China

The Chinese electric car manufacturer, Nio, has installed the first battery replacement station for its vehicles on the G2 motorway between Beijing…
21 January 2019

Die Jubiläen Die Wir Dieses Jahr Feiern Sollten

Das Jahr 2019 soll ganz im Zeichen der Elektromobilität stehen; man erhofft sich einen starken Durchbruch des reifen Angebotes von Elektrofahrzeugen…
18 January 2019

Cadillac, GM´s Brand For Electric Vehicles

Cadillac has been chosen as the main brand of the GM consortium (General Motors) for the electric cars of the future. It will surely be a Cadillac…
16 January 2019
V. Christian Manz

The Smart Will Be Electric

The small smart is already the market leader in the electric market and the company also announced that the smart models will be full and only…
10 January 2019

110 Years Of Long-distance Road Trips With Electric Cars

An all-electric Kia e-Niro Crossover has completed a major 3,741-kilometre road trip from Lisboa to Katowice (Poland), delivering a message to…
04 January 2019

American Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum Gets 12 More Vehicles

The Historical Electric Vehicle Foundation and the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum announce the gift of twelve electric vehicles of historic…
26 December 2018


Empresa ubicada en Guipuzkoa fabricante de autobuses y autocares. Actualmente ofrece una versión totalmente eléctrica de muy buenas prestaciones, que le ha servido para obtener el premio nacional del medio ambiente.

Emov Madrid

Empresa de alquiler por minutos de vehículos eléctricos en Madrid, España

Lohner Stroler, Pedelec With History

If there is in the market an electric bicycle Pedelec with history, this is the Lohner Stroler of Austria, one of the most elegant electric bicycle on…
22 December 2018

The Solarcar Lightyear - One Step Closer

The car only powered by solar energy is closer to come to the market. The Dutch startup Lightyear says it will manufacture the first units as early as…
19 December 2018

Modular Concept - A Good Idea With History

The Technical University of Aachen (Germany) is working on various electromobility projects; in the so-called LiVe it investigates the reduction of…
17 December 2018

Electric Vehicles, A Bridge From The Past To Present And Future

It's official, at least on paper: the electric car will replace the gasoline car. This is what the Spanish executive says, make it 2040 when you can no longer sell cars that are not electric, and make it 2050 when the circulation of any vehicle that pollutes is prohibited. In this report I will…
10 December 2018 / V. Christian Manz

The Swiss Bubble-car Microlino Will Be Built In Germany

The Swiss company Microlino, which has been developing one of the most spectacular electric city cars for some time, has decided to accept a third…
05 December 2018
Silenciosos y Limpios

Venturi Antarctica, First Zero-emissions Vehicle For Hostile Terrain

The VENTURI Antarctica, the first electric polar exploration vehicle, was presented at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco on Friday. Initiated by H.S.H.…
01 December 2018
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