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Production start of Nissen e-NV200 at Barcelona
05 May 2014

Production start of Nissen e-NV200 at Barcelona

    Nissan in Spain just started the production of its second 100% electric vehicle, the e-NV200, which will be available as delivery van, passenger car and taxi for several cities.

    Representing an investment of €100 million in Nissan’s Barcelona Plant, as part of a wider €431 million investment in its Spanish operations, the e-NV200 will initially be exported to around 20 international markets, including Japan. Just as with the Nissan LEAF introduction, the number of markets will grow after the initial launch, to continue the company’s sustained electric vehicle expansion.

    Barcelona will be the first city in the world to introduce the e-NV200 as a 100% electric taxi. Bringing a significant number of zero emission vehicles running on the streets of Barcelona ensure cleaner air for every citizen, visitor and tourist, this vision of the council could be reproduced everywhere to bring these benefits to their cities in the coming years.

    Frank Torres, managing director and vice president of Nissan Spain Industrial Operations said " Barcelona has the honour of producing Nissan's second 100 % electric vehicle. This is a result of many years of hard work and quality improvements from the team here. This is the first time we produce a vehicle in Spain and exported to Japan, our home market, and this is a great milestone and a fact that we are very proud."

    Without wishing to downplay the fact that the e- NV200 will be exported to Japan, is not the first time that Nissan Spain exported to Japan. Remember that in 1994 Nissan Motor Ibérica launched a special version of the All Terrain Terrano II, exported with the name of Mistral in thousand of units. Made exclusively in Spain for the Japanese market.

    From Barcelona, this new electric vehicle will be exported to markets around the world, including the japanese market. But there will be some markets, as Bhutan, for example, where the Spanish product will not arrived. To provide this new electric car also to some complicated market by its legislation, Nissan plans to build the Nissan e- NV200 also in India, but with many parts supplied from the plant in Barcelona, especially the batteries and part of the electric transmision. This model build in India is called Evalia Electric.
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