Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Polaris presents its new ebike with the name of Diesel. […]
Polaris, an ebike called Diesel
02 November 2014

Polaris, an ebike called Diesel

    Polaris presents its new ebike with the name of Diesel.

    Each gear of the Polaris eBike is programmed to provide the appropriate torque for acceleration based on the riding terrain and riding style. Controlling at all, is the BioSync pedal assistance which is our proprietary cadence speed and power output. The instant pedal responsiveness is designed to provide the torque when climbing hills or conserve power for longer distances.

    The active train technology automatically delivers acceleration up hill and adjust back to battery regeneration, capturing the power that you generate while pedaling.

    The rider generates power to the battery while pedaling via four different methods: on flat or downhill terrain to capture up to 100W of charging power, backpedaling brake assist, gradually slowing the bike down and capturing residual energy for regeneration: using the electronically controlled hydraulic disc brakes: or pedaling above 21 or 26 mph, depending on the model. This electronic Back Pedal brake is utilized to capture power for reuse.

    Biosync pedal assistance reads the power output of a rider during the natural pedal motion, and then matches that output with the necessary power required. The BioSync technology was conceived to ensure the motor system adjust to the rider's power output with hyper-responsive pedal assistance and smooth transition for any terrain.

    The removable EVantage Proride lithium battery system is mounted in the downtube, providing the center of gravity neccesay for trail riding and urban street riding. Each battery is individually circuit protected and controlled and the status leves is displayed on both the battery and the IC Dashboard Display. Thanks to the latest lithium-ion technologies, EVantage batteries are built for high durability.

    A brushless, rear hub, direct drive magnet 750W motor provides pedal assistance and battary regeneration.
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