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New Ultralight Electric Motorcycle From Airbus

From home d├ęcor to medical prosthetics, robotic parts to aircraft interiors, 3D printing is the future of manufacturing. APWorks, a 100% subsidiary…
23 May 2016

Electric Vehicle Technology Changes Brought Forward

by Dr. Peter Harrop from IDTech
With hybrid and pure electric vehicles, the future is arriving much sooner than predicted. This is a surprise to those looking only at electric cars where sales in 2011 were well behind plan. Though Japan saw 25% of new cars purchased being hybrid or, more rarely, pure electric, other countries were way behind. However, in 2012, the eagerly awaited plug-in hybrids - from forklifts to cars - are ceasing to be production limited: it is quickly being realised that…
21 February 2012 / Dr. Peter Harrop Chairman
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