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M1 Secede
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M1 Secede

The latest inventios in the bike segment.

Our company, M1 Sporttechnik, was founded in the 1990s and is a subsidiary of the Fritzmeier Group (about 3000 employees, 8 plants, 10 countries). The know-how that the Fritzmeier Group has acquired since 1926, is used for the manufacturing of high-tech sports goods as mountain bikes, ski, surfboards and sailing boats. Those products are solely developed, designed, manufactured and sold by M1 Sporttechnik.
Regarding our latest inventions in the bike segment, we are proud to present the M1 Secede, the world’s only split able bike, made of carbon and individually available also with electric powered assistance (Pedelec/S-Pedelec). The engine and battery concept we are using is especially developed for M1, and constructed and manufactured in the EU (the 250W, 36V motor is made in Switzerland, the 10Ah battery is made in Germany).

The battery is a real high-tech invention with ANT+ coded transmission of the control unit. It powers the motor with additional power of up to 300% and allows a supported distance of 40-120 km, depending on several factors as supporting level, rider weight, topography, outside temperature, tire pressure, wind, etc.

Unique design and driving comfort are only feasible due to the use of carbon as frame material, a technology that we are used to since a long time in our company history. Finally, we are only using the latest equipment that is available in the bike industry in order to deliver high end bikes. Those are available through a dense dealer network in Germany and our online shop, where we serve clients all around Europe.

The M1 Secede retails at about 3’400€ as a pure bike, without engine and starts at 4`759€ for the 25km/h version and 4`959€ for the 45km/h version. target=
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