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DeLorean DR-7 Aircraft electric taxi
17 August 2017

DeLorean DR-7 Aircraft electric taxi

Paul J. DeLorean founded in 2012 the DeLorean Aerospace with the mission to create a personal air transportation system to the masses; special lightweight vehicles ables to flight, more practical, simple and ecological. The DR-7 is a compact VTOL aircraft with electric power that can be stationated in a home garage or normal parking space.

This new kind of electric flying vehicles opens a new mobility market as they allow flying over the traffic. The DR-7 aircraft is poised to significantly impact not only the field of general aviation, but the entire global transportation industry. It can be flown with minimal operator training, uses an autonomous flight control system that will also allow manual operation.

Compact, lightweight, and deceptively simple, the DR-7 is maneuvered by a pair of 360 degree thrust-vectoring electric ducted fan units. Located along the vehicle centerline, the patented architecture's propulsion system provides unique performance advantages, while also enabling an inherently stable platform. The DR-7's carbon composite body is a monocoque structure, similar to an F1 racer, and will accommodate two passengers in a comfortable, fighter-jet style tandem seating arrangement.

Multiple active and passive safety features, including a patent pending failsafe for loss of power emergencies - while hovering or in forward flight - will make this among the safest aircraft ever created.

In addition to its groundbreaking safety enhancements, the DR-7 is designed for excellent cruising efficiency. With its centerline twin vectoring propulsion system (CTV), drag is greatly reduced, while the fuselage functions as an airfoil to improve efficiency and increase low speed stall resistance. The thrust vectoring fan system eliminates the need for a rudder, further reducing drag and allowing higher cruising speeds. With ground-clearing compact fan units, the DR-7 is also capable of conventional launches and landings, i.e., using runways, in conditions which preclude VTOL operation.

This flying vehicle has an overall length of 19,5 ft and a wingspan of 18,5 ft, reduced to 7,5 ft when folded, so good enough for a home garage or a normal parking space. Cruising speed is about 150 mph with a top speed of 240 mph; range is 120 miles.
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