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Toyota and Lexus Hybrid Records
15 January 2014

Toyota and Lexus Hybrid Records

    Toyota Motor Europe (TME) posted 2013 full year sales of 847,540 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, an increase of 9,569 units from 2012. Hybrid models for both brands continued their excellent sales performance with a 43% year-on-year increase driving a 0.2 percentage point market share gain for TME to 4.7% in 2013. Sales of Toyota branded vehicles increased to 804,259 units while sales of Lexus vehicles reached 43,281 units during the year.

    Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice-President of TME, said: “Our hybrid models – the majority of which were produced locally in Europe – continued on a successful upward trend. Together with our strong C-segment product offensive in both Western and Eastern Europe means that we’ve grown sustainably for the third consecutive year even as the automotive market we operate in shrank by an estimated 2%.”
    Toyota is the clear leader for hybrid vehicle sales and production in Europe. European Toyota and Lexus sales of hybrid vehicles reached an all-time high in 2013 totalling 156,863 units, up 43% year-on-year. Hybrid models now make up close to a fifth of total TME sales. In Western Europe (1), 28% of all Toyota and Lexus vehicles sold are hybrid models.
    Hybrid vehicle production for Toyota in Europe has doubled to reach a record 116,383 units produced at the company’s manufacturing facilities in France (Yaris Hybrid) and the United Kingdom (Auris Hybrid and Auris Touring Sports Hybrid).
    After achieving successive monthly sales records during the final three months of 2013, the Yaris Hybrid ended the year with sales more than doubling year-on-year reaching 49,774 units, an increase of 25,041 units from 2012.
    2013 was a record year of sales for the Toyota Auris Hybrid, topping 39,348 units (up 66% from 2012).
    Launched in 2013, the Auris Touring Sports Hybrid accounts for 60% (15,175 units) of all Auris Touring Sports sold during the year.
    The introduction of the Lexus Hybrid Drive-powered IS 300h in 2013 now completes the existing Lexus hybrid product line-up with sales reaching 5,984 after the first few months of sales.
    Hybrid-powered models accounted for 94% of all Lexus vehicles sold in Western Europe in 2013.

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