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Kreisel electrickart with super aceleration
04 February 2015

Kreisel electrickart with super aceleration

    Researching efficient, performance-driven EV mobility solutions can be a lot of fun. Developing a racing kart with maximum acceleration was a real challenge for the whole team. And they got it: aceleration in only 3,1 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h!

    The Kreisel brothers are obsessed with electric motors being the most efficient form of propulsion. It is this passion that has driven numerous projects, including their own battery solutions for high performance applications.

    The Kreisel family have been involved in the electronics sector for more than 35 years. The brothers – Philipp, Johann and Markus – have teamed up to put their various talents together for a shared goal. Philipp is the mechanical engineer, Johann is the electronics specialist and Markus brings his commercial expertise into the mix.

    The brothers have their own workshop in Freistadt, Upper Austria, where they develop electric-powered prototypes. These include sports cars, all-terrain vehicles and transport vehicles as well as alternative power solutions for planes and boats.

    Every project starts with careful overall planning. The Kreisels then craft intricate mechanical parts, ingenious electronic components and complex software solutions in their own workshop. Their high performance battery pack consists in 1188 Li-ion cells form the heart of the energy supply, 108 modules in series, each with 11 cells in parallel, delivers a nominal voltage of 389 V and a capacity of 13 kWh. The total weight of the racing kart is just 65 kg.

    The hybrid synchronous motor gives optimum performance and torque density, minimum drag losses, minimum torque fluctuation, consistent power development – both during intensive acceleration from a standing start as well as while maintaining a high top speed.

    Kreisel specialises in the development of EV mobility projects with the focus on designing and producing complete solutions, where exceptional battery capacity plays an important role.
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