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Swiss superfast charging station for electric vehicles
26 February 2015

Swiss superfast charging station for electric vehicles

    espresso&charge – the most powerful modular charging station for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

    The new superfast charging station espresso&charge offers, with up to 180kW, a high charging power for today's and future electric vehicles. The modular structure allows implementing a flexible, market-driven capacity expansion for operators of charging stations. espresso&charge supports all fast charging standards and is capable of charging up to four electric vehicles simultaneously. The charging station uses different technologies in order to ensure the stability of the electric grid.

    Thanks to higher charging power, up to 180 kW, the charging time is considerably reduced: The development of more efficient and larger batteries is in progress. Vehicles such as the Kia Soul EV already are capable to handle charging powers over 50 kW. In the next years, vehicles that can receive 100 kW or more will be the standard. This means a higher km range, which in turn requires more powerful charging stations in order to minimize the charging time.

    The modular structure ranges in power from 20 kW up to 180 kW: In the last few years the annual number of electric vehicles’ registration has doubled. A gradual upgrading of power modules to increase the total power output ensures the best cost-benefit ratio for the operator of a charging station.

    Support of all European, American and Asian charging standards: espresso&charge meets the variety of charging technologies currently on the market by offering all DC and AC charging standards – CHAdeMO,Combined Charging System (CCS) and AC Type2 Mode3 – in a single device. Compatibility with all electric vehicles is thus guaranteed.

    Reduction of waiting times through simultaneous charging: At very busy locations, such as rest areas on highways or for firms’ fleets it is essential that several vehicles can be charged at the same time. espresso&charge offers four charging connections, which can be used simultaneously. Thus sufficient capacity is always available. These advantages also allow the espresso&charge technology to be installed in „ChargeLounges“ which are placed on highways.

    Power grid stability is ensured by active and/or passive management: The turnaround that has been initiated in the energy sector is leading to the replacement of large central power plants with smaller decentralized power plants (photovoltaic and wind turbines) with irregular power feed-in. To guarantee stable supply has gradually become a problem. As an intelligent power consumer, espresso&charge offers concrete solutions. This can for example be achieved by smartly and dynamically adapting the electrical input or by utilizing an optional buffer battery.

    espresso&charge enhances the &charge product offerings of EVTEC and Protoscar, which include AC charging system and DC fast charging stations. EVTEC is market leader with its 20 kw fast charging system coffee&charge 3inl. The multi-standard-fast charging station has been installed since two years in the EVite initiative, the Swiss fast charging network.

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