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BASF The e-Velocipede, only plastic
07 July 2015

BASF The e-Velocipede, only plastic

    Conspicuous with its wheels of different sizes, the velocipede was the first pedal-powered cycle in history. BASF has now rebuilt the 19th century bike – as a modern e-bike with plastics from the BASF product range.

    With its Concept 1865, BASF is taking a trip back into its own history – to the year 1865 –, when the Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik (BASF) was founded and this was the point in time when Karl Drais wooden »Dandy horse« was given its first pedals, which launched the bicycle on the road to global success. 

    As a tribute to this era of enthusiasm for technology and invention, BASF has embarked on an unparalleled thought experiment and asked: How would the first pedal cycle have looked if the pioneers of the bike had had today´s advanced materials to work with? In cooperation with the DING3000 design studio, the company has developed a velocipede embodying the current state of the art technology. In doing so, the innovative one-off quotes the geometry and mechanics of the first pedal cycle. The crank directly drives the front wheel (39") which, in order to improve the transmission ratio, is much larger than the rear wheel (24").

    The motor have 250W integrated in the rear axle has been discreetly concealed behind a cover of polyamide. The blue cap in fact has another important function as well; it protects the motor from the wet, dirt and stone chips. For such applications, the plastics of the Ultramid® B family are ideal, even if the requirements can vary according to the design of the electric motor. The Ultramid B portfolio offers customers a broad array of material types.

    More information an pictures here:

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