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Iveco receives award for the Vision
15 December 2015

Iveco receives award for the Vision

    Iveco has received the "Europäischer Transportpreis für Nachhaltigkeit 2016" European transport sustainability award in the category of distribution vehicles. The award recognises the brand’s “Iveco Vision” concept that builds on the company's history of focusing on sustainable and innovative transport technologies.

    Iveco’s focus on sustainable transport was recognised by the "Europäischer Transportpreis für Nachhaltigkeit 2016” award organized by the German magazine “Transport”, bestowed for the brand’s “Iveco Vision” concept as the best and most integrated approach for future urban needs.

    The brand is developing further its transport solutions for individuals and goods with the aim of addressing the urban market for electro mobility that is set to grow fast due to the demands of residents and the ranges that need to be covered. This reflects Iveco’s core values of technology aimed at lowering Total Cost of Ownership and develop solutions for sustainable transport, and being true business partners to its customers.

    The "Iveco Vision" concept is the next step forward in this effort. It combines sustainability with safety, ergonomics and future drive solutions: a pure electric drive for local zero emissions and very low noise in the urban areas, coupled with a hybrid drive for longer missions outside the city, reducing consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 25%. The energy split between thermal and electric is controlled by an algorithm via a transfer box developed in-house, which opens up a number of possibilities in terms of traction architecture.

    “Iveco Vision” features an adaptive human-machine interface (including a removable tablet that communicates with the on-board electronics system), as well as an innovative automatic loading system with a variable floor and new solutions for securing loads. The aim is to minimize the driver strain during the mission’s operations, not least by enabling him to access the loading area upright and without effort.

    The “Iveco Vision” draws on the brand’s extensive expertise on sustainable transport solutions developed in its long history. Iveco is a European leader in sustainability and it is a brand of CNH Industrial, named Industry Leader for the fifth consecutive year by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

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