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Irizar i2e electric bus - pre-selected for Paris
17 December 2015

Irizar i2e electric bus - pre-selected for Paris

    The Irizar i2e, an electric bus from the Irizar Group, has been presented in the city of Paris by the RATP (the largest public transport group in France) in an official event encompassed within the COP21 Bus Summit.

    The event was held in Place Jacques Rueff and its aim was to present to the press, institutions and the public in general the project and the buses that have been selected for the testing phase within the RATP 2025 project, which aims to achieve a fleet of buses in Paris with a total of 4,500 units made up of 80% electric and 20% biogas units.

    The Irizar I2e forms part of the fleet that the RATP has selected to carry out this testing and complies with the set of specifications that includes, among other features, the need for vehicles to be 100% clean, to have an average capacity of 80 passengers, and to show a range of 180 km on a single overnight charge at the depot.  The i2e will provide service on lines 21 and 147.

    The main features of the 12-metre bus presented in Paris include a continuous low floor and two double doors with an electric ramp located on the central door. The electric motor has 180kW of power, 376 kWh of energy with which it is estimated that it will have a range of between 180 and 200 km in Parisian traffic conditions. As a new feature, the buses have a heating/cooling unit for the driver area.

    The Irizar i2e is made in Europe from European technology, is sustainable, eco-efficient, safe, reliable and comfortable. It is manufactured in Spain and incorporates leading edge technologies designed especially for Irizar Group.

    In service since July 2014, the Irizar i2e is currently circulating in San Sebastián and Barcelona, in Marseille (France), and in London (United Kingdom) and has been tested in Madrid, in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and in Bayonne (France) with excellent operating results:  It has an autonomous range of 200 to 220 km (from 14 to 16 hours) and an optimal level of comfort and air conditioning, with a single recharge of around five hours at the end of the day. It reduces CO2 emissions by 318.28 tonnes.

    Its batteries are 99% recyclable and the bus has been designed in accordance with the highest profitability parameters. Therefore, its sustainability and profitability optimise operating costs.

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