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Citroën e-Mehari, ambassador for Formentera
08 June 2016

Citroën e-Mehari, ambassador for Formentera

The Balearic island Formentera launches an innovative plan for a gradual introduction of electric vehicles, and the new e- Citroen Mehari, 100 % electric, was selected to be the ambassador to achieve a fully sustainable mobility on the island.

In a pioneering initiative, Formentera has proposed to gradually increase the number of electric vehicles on its streets. The Consell Insular has chosen the Citroën E - Mehari, successor "zero emissions" of the legendary Citroen Mehari from 1968, to be the image of this revolution, which places the smallest of the Pitiusas as a world leader in the search for an ecological management and sustainable tourism and mobility. It is a natural extension of the historical relationship of the island with the Méhari, 147 of them registered on the island, this legendary car, which was discontinued in 1987.

The island has already 12 charging points available, with a capacity for 32 electric vehicles, a figure that, given the national average of 15,78 charging points per million inhabitants, corresponds more to a city of the size of Valencia than to a small island of just 12,000 peoples.

Its technical features make the E - Mehari ideal for driving comfortable and environmentally friendly om Formentera roads. Its range of 200 km allow to fully enjoy the island, where the main artery, the road PM- 820, has a total length of 20 km. Its top speed of 110 km/h allow to go smoothly away from the city. This feature is reinforced with a raised body and black protectors in the wheel arches and underbody that bring the vehicle to the world of the SUV and invite escape the asphalt in search of the most secluded bay .

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