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Taxi Ecològic in Barcelona
06 July 2016

Taxi Ecològic in Barcelona

We were days ago in a low carbon journey with ECODES, a very interesting day were we were lucky to know about the first Taxi Ecologic group in Spain, an amazing project that we expect to see replicated soon in other cities.

TAXIECOLÒGIC is in Barcelona, one of the most important mediterranean cities of Europe were they offer as a commercial benefit a high qualified Taxi service with a real ecological commitment with the environment through reducing the carbon footprint of their business clients.

CO2 emissions of their vehicles accomplish the European 2020 environmental policy. All the fleet are 100% A+ electric and hybrid vehicles. Using this kind of transport fleet always in the street of a city like Barcelona allow reducing noise pollution.

A big effort supported by their achievement of the first ISO 14001:2004 certification or in simple words they accomplish quality standards in ecomobility.

They work with the city brand "Barcelona Sustainable Tourism" that acts as one of their clients. TaxiEcològic offer to them ecologic recharge system, ionized air, and a comfortable and accessible inside. About 80% of their vehicles are less than two years old having the best technology and range of the market.

Barcelona business use the monthly billing, self app, self reservation center of TaxiEcològic Fleet. The employees of these clients doesn't need money to use the Taxi and all of their routes give a log to the client with a complete computer tracked routes that allow to have a real control of the carbon footprint reduction to be audited by the most demanding customers as a piece of their ecological strategy.

This project is an example in the transport sector. We do encourage the (other cities) Taxi Drivers to contact them, TaxiEcologíc is proud of their work and effort and for sure they will help to develop the same strategy in other cities.

Finally, a serious thought about the importance of the infrastructures and cooperation with institutions. Barcelona is not a casual scene. This initiative has been possible thank to the determination of a group of Taxi Owners highly concerned about electric mobility but has been decisive a highly developed charging spots much more than in other cities and of course cooperation between, Taxi owners, institutions and automotive companies dedicated to the electromobility. To reply this scene for these kind of initiative to work is a must.

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