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John Deere presents electric tractor SESAM
09 December 2016

John Deere presents electric tractor SESAM

Agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere has introduced its all-electric SESAM (Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery) tractor in Europe, a model that has the features and functionalities of a conventional tractor but offers the advantages of the electromobility.

Its advantages are mainly its high efficiency and zero pollution, which also allows to use the tractor in farms that work with renewable energies.

The prototype, based on the 6R tractor Mannheim, develops a total of 130 kW of power (about 175 hp) with two independent electric motors, maintenance-free and combined with a DirectDrive transmission, that means it has no gearbox.

Basically one of the engines is used for traction while the other is hooked to the PTO and hydraulic system. However, at any time the two electric motors can combine their power for both traction and power take-off. The transmission in turn is similar to a transmission of continuous variation.

When the tractor stops, it loses no energy, it does not make noise and does not produce emissions, so it is also ideal for any night work without disturbing potential neighbors.

Currently the battery system allows a constant work of about 4 hours, or about 55 kilometers of road travel; the full recharge time is three hours.

The SESAM tractor opens for John Deere a new stage for a carbon neutral agriculture and is in line with the other two star products of the brand, the Multifuel tractor, which allows the use of vegetable oils as fuel, and the BatteryBost, a hybrid traction tractor based on an idea of battery changes.

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