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Foldable Electric Scooter
19 December 2016

Foldable Electric Scooter

An American project trying to find financing in Kisckstarter crowdfunding.

The new "Transboard" gives you easy access to ecofriendly personal mobility in the city, in the country or anywhere else you happen to be.

The history of this three-wheeled scooter begun one day in autumn 2015 when an entrepreneur watched someone driving an electric kickboard in rush hour traffic and - suddenly,  the driver falled off his scooter. Not only was the driver injured, the people around home were in potential danger too.

"Why not make a scooter that's safer to drive?," he asked himself. And the entrepreneur became an inventor. Then more questions occurred to him. "If people ride a scooter for convenience, why not make it easy to move it from place to place when you're not riding it? Or can't?"

These questions led him to think of the ideas that drove him into action.  And the Transboard was born.

Learning From the Mistakes of Others

Preventing accidents like these is what led the design team to perfect the rev-tricycle system for slipping and falling and the double wishbone shock absorber for a smooth, stable ride.

The safety of this superior riding experience is further enhanced by a wider and longer frame not found on conventional scooters.

Another amazing engineering feat that everyone can appreciate is the simplicity of folding the scooter into something like a roll-away bag for easy transport into and out of the home or office.

The engineering team is particularly proud of of the fact that not only does the steering bar folds, but the frame too! It took several attempts to get this ergonomic breakthrough just right to the benefit of everyone who rides a Transboard.

Transboard Delivers Safe, Stable Transportation Anywhere

Double wishbone suspension is installed in the rev-tricycle frame of the the Transboard helping the rider to drive safe under any road conditions. Also, the special self-folding system helps Transboard to fold in one simple gesture.  The result? Your transboard transforms into something like a travel carrier making it easy for you to carry it conveniently while folded. 


Transboard's aluminum alloy frame is designed with die-casting and CNC process along with other attentions to detail in the design process delivers a sturdy personal vehicle that is safe under any driving conditions.

The result? A Transboard can easily transport anyone weighing up to 220 pounds safely, easily and smoothly.

Double wishbone shock-absorber

Looking over all of the photography of Transboard from every angle it's easy to understand that we have delivered the ultimate personal transportation experience.

LED Display&Function button

The LED display shows speed and several power measurements as well as gauging trip length, distance and speed among a dozen  other factors of any trip.

Six buttons on the bottom of the display can conveniently power up your Transboard, set your trip distance, change the display mode, speed, lights and so much more,  You'll never fiddle with the panel as you ride along.
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