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Irizar will deliver 18 electric articulated buses
22 December 2016

Irizar will deliver 18 electric articulated buses

    Irizar e-mobility, the electromobility business of the Irizar Group, has just gained a large contract with the Agglomeration of the Basque-Adour Coast in France. The contract includes the provision of 18 Irizar i2e 100% electric articulated buses (BRT), of 18.73 metres in length, the charging stations at the end of each line with fast charging infrastructure, or even slower charging at the depots.

    The civil engineering work to accommodate the two dedicated bus lanes will commence in 2017 and launch of the service will take place on 1st April 2019. This means the Agglomeration of the Basque-Adour Coast will be the first in France to have two complete lines with a 100% electric bus system.

    The Irizar i2e (100% electric BRT), the main subject of this contract, will have a personalised and innovative design, a result of the joint work of Irizar, together with the Agglomeration of the Basque Coast.  This will be a vehicle of 18.73 metres in length with a state-of-the-art TramBus design, incorporating technology 100% developed within the Irizar Group.

    The vehicles will incorporate numerous transport systems, fully developed by companies within the Group:

    -          The electric motor propulsion system from Alconza.

    -          Jema inverters, along with the energy storage package developed by Irizar e-mobility.

    -          A system of telediagnostics and monitoring of the buses and the charging stations, as well as embedded guidance systems and automatic positioning of vehicles in the charging stations developed by Datik (also part of the Irizar Group).

    -          usb connections for charging electronic devices, along with an embedded Wi-Fi system to ensure an Internet connection is available at all times.

    The first Irizar i2e 18 metre (BRT) 100% electric articulated bus unit, has undergone durability testing in the IDIADA facility with very satisfactory results.  Its commercialisation is planned for the beginning of 2017.

    This entire order will be completed in the Irizar e-mobility facility in Aduna (Guipúzcoa), just 65 kilometres from Bayonne. These ground-breaking 100% electric buses will be in service in June 2019.

    This contract, which also comprises the integral maintenance of the vehicles and infrastructure over the course of the next 15 years, lends itself perfectly to the strategy that the Irizar Group has deployed through Irizar e-mobility - to offer turnkey projects which 100% fulfil customer demands.
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