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11 September 2012

    At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, SsangYong Motor Company will unveil its environmentally friendly electric car concept, e-XIV.

    e-XIV (electric − eXciting user Interface Vehicle) is an EV concept within the SsangYong XIV design series, and a B-segment CUV (crossover utility vehicle). It is a ‘Range Extender EV’ electric car which is also self-chargeable by utilising a small petrol engine, thereby overcoming the issues of limited driving distance and battery charging infrastructure.

    The dimensions of the e-XIV concept are: 4,160mm long, 1,790mm wide, 1,575mm high, and with a 2,600mm wheelbase. The glass roof provides enhanced visibility for passengers, while the roof mounted solar cell panels supply pollution free solar energy.
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