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Alfer and BSG electrics coming together
05 April 2013

Alfer and BSG electrics coming together

    Expert of high competition enduro together with electric motorbike specialist

    Alfer, the historic producer of high competition enduro and trial motorbikes, and BSG, one of the most thriving new brands in the electric motorbike sector in Spain, have decided to join forces and work on a joint project.

    Thanks to this partnership, Alfer can expand its horizons and open up to the scooter market, while BSGelectrics can reinforce its project by benefitting from the Catalonian company’s long-standing experience and international prestige.

    The union between both companies will take place at all levels, both technological and commercial, and both companies will share facilities. However, each brand’s identity will be kept: BSG for urban motorbikes, and Alfer for off-road motorbikes.

    “They were two perfectly complementary projects, and this sort of union was just natural”, explainsDavid Llada, BSG electrics CEO. “Together, we will now start a new campaign to attract investment, with two goals: local production, and internationalization”.

    “We were looking for a partner to enter the urban sector, where the electric scooter fits perfectly, and BSG is standing strong lately”, says Santiago Meier, Alfer product manager.

    The union between Alfer and BSG electrics will be officially presented during the Moto Madrid Moto Fest 2013, which will take place on Saturday, April 6, at La Riviera event venue, Madrid, starting from 19.00.
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