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100 police motocycles for Police of Bogotá
10 July 2013

100 police motocycles for Police of Bogotá

    electric motorcycles to work for the Police Department

    Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, is thrilled to announce the sale and deployment of 100 police model motorcycles to the Bogota, Colombia Police Department.

    The Bogota Police Department will be using these specially painted and marked Zero Police Motorcycles for patrols, traffic enforcement, and all daily policing actions within one of Colombia´s largest cities. The first 100 Zero electric motorcycles will initially be deployed within the Kennedy Sector of the city. As part of Zero´s single largest authority sale and deployment to date, all 100 units have been delivered to Colombia via NBT S.A., who assisted in the brokerage and delivery of the Bogota Police Department deal.

    All 100 police motorcycles are based on Zero´s highly popular 2012 MY Zero DS. The Zero DS has an approximate range of 112 miles on a single charge with top speeds of 80 miles per hour. The police motorcycles have been up fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for law enforcement, including sirens and LED lights.

    With instant torque, no shifting, no noise, no exhaust, minimal heat production and a low weight, the Zero Police Motorcycle allows enforcement agencies to patrol in areas that would otherwise be highly impractical or impossible using an internal combustion motorcycle. In addition, the Zero Police Motorcycle features a maintenance-free powertrain that also offers regenerative braking to partially recoup energy during deceleration. With an air-cooled brushless motor and belt driven system, Zero offers some of the world´s easiest-to-own forms of transportation.
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