Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar This is a compact electric bike for urban use for a mobility with style. […]
Peugeot AE 21 Hybrid E-Bike
06 July 2014

Peugeot AE 21 Hybrid E-Bike

    This is a compact electric bike for urban use for a mobility with style.

    With this electric bike Peugeot Cycles consolidated its boldness in terms of urban mobility and design. The AE21, the latest models from the Allure range of urban bikes, symbolizes modernity and innovation capacity of Peugeot as a means of essential mobility as bicycles are. The AE21 stunning design; urban and fun. It is agile, compact, practical and combines simplicity of use and elegance.

    With an electric motor implanted in his front wheel, the AE21 is ideal for clean urban use, easily to drive and without noise. It is powered by a compact lithium-ion battery with plug-in technology. Being removable, the battery can be recharged directly on the bike or at home or the office.

    Made of aluminum, the Clever Case structure also allows to accommodate a laptop bag and a collapsible high-quality burglar to ensure protection in everyday use. Located between the legs, laptop and documents are protected from theft without affecting the balance of the bike.

    Compact thanks to its folding pedals and handlebars, the AE21 is easily manipulated and can be stored against a wall both on the street and at home. Its matte black and bright colors are elegant and suit all styles. The touch of orange Allure discreetly enhances the whole range. Upholstered, exclusive, applies to the saddle as cuffs and bag designed specifically for the AE21.
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