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E-Visionary Award
21 August 2013

E-Visionary Award


    The E-Visionary Award is a way for the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) to recognize cities and regions as E-Visionaries for their initiatives to promote electric vehicles as a sustainable mode of transportation, and for making Electric Mobility a reality in the lives of their inhabitants. This way, E-Visionary Award winners become references for communities around the world.

    The E-Visionary Award is presented at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS), which is now with its 27th edition upcoming in November 2013, to be held on Barcelona November 17th to 20th.

    The EVS is held on a rotating schedule in America, Europe/Africa and Asia/Pacific and has started 44 years ago.
    At the occasion of every EVS, 3 Awards are attributed by the WEVA and presented during the EVS.
    Each member of the WEVA will be in charge of the selection of the winner for the part of the World is covering:

    -       EDTA(Electric Drive Transportation Association) for the Americas,

    -       AVERE(European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Road Vehicles)for Europe and Africa,

    -       EVAAP(Electric Vehicle Association of the Asia Pacific) for Asia Pacific.

    Each city, region or community will have to demonstrate in their application an extended commitment to electric mobility and prove a long-term thought and concern for the quality of life of their inhabitants by fostering the uptake of electric mobility and reducing the level of CO2.

    Applicants need exclusively to fill in the form available via AVERE national sections or here. Applications should be written in English and sent back to the relevant national sections or to [email protected]

    The Announcement of all winners (AVERE, EDTA & EVAAP) to the public will take place at EVS27 Closing Ceremony on November 20th 2013  and the representative of the winners of the E-Visionary Award will be expected to attend the ceremony.
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