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Citroën Cactus, vison for future models
08 September 2013

Citroën Cactus, vison for future models

    Citroën has revealed Cactus, a new concept car and a vision for future C-line models. Shedding the superfluous, Citroën Cactus is a desirable, user-friendly car that creates a unique harmony between the distinctive and the practical, offering comfort for all occupants with easy-to-use technology.

    C-Cactus was a radical automotive approach that posed a number of key questions: What do motorists expect from cars in today´s world? And which equipment and features really count? The exercise pushed engineers and designers to make sweeping changes and explore new solutions to motoring challenges. The pragmatic approach avoided the unessential to concentrate on what makes motorists feel good. The end result is the Citroën Cactus – a concept car which previews future models in the C-line.

    Citroën Cactus styling marries the aesthetic with the practical, the designers having sought to find the right volumes and extend efficiency to the smallest details. The idea was to keep only the essential and this approach allowed the designers to break free from classic automotive cues and explore new solutions to bring customers useful equipment and features.

    A stand out component of the Cactus is the Airbump, located on the sides and bumpers of the car. Combining style with function, the Airbump strengthens the appearance and personality of the car with its originality and personalisation possibilities. The supple material features a soft treatment that resists scratches and includes air capsules that absorb impacts.

    The Cactus concept features Citroën´s revolutionary new Hybrid Air drivetrain – a full-hybrid, compressed air and hydraulics system – which is combined with a PureTech engine to deliver exceptional fuel economy in excess of 94mpg (under 3l/100km).

    This innovative and highly efficient system, which requires no additional batteries, is widely affordable thanks to:
    •    Low-cost per mile use (45% reduction in fuel consumption in urban driving)
    •    Easy maintenance and servicing through the combination of proven technologies
    •    No compromises to interior space

    In the centre of the dashboard is the eight-inch digital touchscreen which integrates all driving commands. Easy to use, both the driver and passengers benefit from access to Citroën Multicity Connect, a portal of web-connected applications that use vehicle data – including mileage, speed, range and GPS position – to provide information adapted to motorists needs, such as warning them of traffic delays, locating service stations or tourist destinations.
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