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Rolls-Royce And The Future Of Luxury Mobility

Two years ago in 2016, Rolls-Royce rewrote the rulebook for the future of true luxury mobility by presenting the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 –…
12 March 2018

NIO EP9, The Quickest Electric Car On The Nürburgring

The Chinese NIO EP9 set a new lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife on May 12th, achieving a lap time of 6m 45.900s (six minutes, 45.900…
15 May 2017

Proterra Starts With Autonomous Bus Programm

The Californian company Proterra, builder of electric buses for different services - including long distance, as they can reach a range of between 250…
08 May 2017

NIO, Electric Autonomous Super Racer

NIO, a next-generation car company, announced the fastest ever autonomous lap at the Circuit of the Americas Race Track in Austin, Texas. On February…
01 March 2017


According to a new position paper from UITP (the International Association of Public Transport), autonomous vehicles (AVs) will lead to a dystopian…
18 January 2017

Driverless-vehicle For Scooters

New project of MIT
The researchers had previously used the same sensor configuration and software in trials of autonomous cars and golf carts, so…
09 November 2016

Venturi New World Speed Record

With 341 mph, a new world speed record for an electric vehicle  (pending FIA decision), Venturi and its partner the Center For Automotive Research…
22 September 2016

Ford Fusion Hybrids Autonomous Fleet

Ford is tripling its fleet of fully autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid test vehicles adding 20 vehicles to the company’s autonomous fleet, bringing the…
06 January 2016

Sunnyclist – One Of The Greenest Vehicle Ever Built

A team of Greek specialists developped the Sunnyclist, an autonomous, green and economical vehicle, a tricycle with electric engine and photovoltaic roof, looking for production facilities on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.
The Sunnyclist is an autonomous vehicle that produces its own energy consumption through the solar panels on the roof, and can also used pedals to make passengers active in its movement.The company likes to offer several versión of this vehicle, as there is the City, with a 540W photovoltaic generator that can provide an average of 35 free kilometers per day for the daily commute in the city. This Sunnyclist is very easy to drive and to park, it is a carefree…
04 December 2015 / V. Christian Manz

Akka Link+Go 2.0 Prototype For An Autonomous City Car

Link & Go is a dual-mode, connected, urban, electric car. Innovations developed during this project will help to drive the design changes for future…
24 March 2014

Rinspeed Electric Autonomous Car

Rinspeed presents the future of autonomous driving. What will move us tomorrow: the office and living room on wheels.
Autonomous driving is set to become reality in the near future. While the major automakers are putting the finishing touches on the technology, the Swiss idea factory Rinspeed puts man at the center of the autonomous car. At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show Rinspeed presents the "XchangE" study to the public in a world premiere. It demonstrates how cars will ‘move’ us just a few short years from now, in both senses of the word. Frank M. Rinderknecht describes the status quo like this: “So far hardly anyone has taken this to its logical conclusion from the…
00 00 0000 / V. Christian Manz
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