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Proterra Starts With Autonomous Bus Programm

The Californian company Proterra, builder of electric buses for different services - including long distance, as they can reach a range of between 250…
08 May 2017

Fraunhofer: 1000 Km Range Thanks To A New Battery Concept

You cannot get far today with electric cars. One reason is that the batteries require a lot of space. Fraunhofer scientists are stacking large cells…
04 May 2017

ChargeLounge: Fast Charging Reinvented

New quick-charge station offers high-charging capacity, easy installation and lounge access. The ChargeLounge developed by Fraunhofer IAO is set to…
04 April 2014

en alemán:1,97 Tonnen CO2 eingespart, für den Pendlerverkehr sehr gut geeignet, schnelles Laden als Voraussetzung für die Wirtschaftlichkeit:…
13 August 2013

Project EMILE, Electric Drives Reinvented

Headed by ZF with a 10 million Euros support
Market opportunities for electric vehicles will be enhanced if they become more powerful, more…
19 July 2013
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