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Major Anniversaries Of Electric Cars / Jubiläen Der Elektrofahrzeuge

Every year international newspapers and magazines publish reports about the different brands and models that will celebrate an anniversary ... but…
02 October 2018

And Now The Ultimate Proposal: Alieno Arcanum From Bulgaria

The offer of super-super cars is in a crazy spiral, each time born more risky, powerful and, I believe, increasingly uncontrollable proposals. And…
12 July 2018

Anniversaries Of Electric Cars / Jubiläum Der Elektrofahrzeuge

In the national newspapers, the typical reports starting a new year are concerning what brand and what car model will celebrate an anniversary in 2018…
14 January 2018

Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car

Mercedes-Benz are already to be seen on water, on land and in the air. Now they will also be seen on golf courses. The Mercedes-Benz Style Edition…
28 July 2016

Garia With Bubba Watson

Garia, the European manufacturer of the Garia luxury golf and leisure car, has entered into an exciting partnership with PGA (Professional Golfers`…
22 January 2014

Garia`s New Ambassador: Ryan Hunter-Reay

The indycar champion now represent the luxuery golg and leisure car from the Danish company Garia, one of the most exciting electric open four-seater.…
24 September 2013

Garia Roadster Mansory Currus

For golf track and for the streets
Garia, the Danish manufacturer of luxury golf cars, has now launched a limited edition of their newest model,…
03 March 2013

BYD and Bulmineral Ltd signed an agreement yesterday to create a 50:50 joint venture company, named Auto Group Motors, to produce electric buses…
21 December 2012

Garia, a young and innovative company from Denmark and the manufacturer of the Garia luxury golf and leisure car, has entered into an exciting new…
01 August 2012

Rimac Concept One

Only 88 examples of the sensational Rimac Concept_One will be produced and each will cost $1 million.
The team behind the Rimac Concept_One includes designers who used to work for the fabled Italian styling house Pininfarina and top Bulgarian leatherworkers from Vilner, among others.This unique new electric hyper car has the capability of producing the astronomical equivalent of 1,088 bhp due to its 92-kWh battery, which powers four sets of electric motors, placed at each wheel. All four systems can operate independently and accelerate and decelerate hundreds of times per second. Rimac labels this as All-Wheel Torque Vectoring (AWTV).The Concept_One’s performance is shattering with 0-60…
19 July 2012 / V. Christian Manz
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