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Vibrancy In Electric Buses Contrasts Gloom In Electric Cars

Dr. Peter Harrop from IDTechEx speaks about the difference between the growing interest in Electric Buses that contrasts with the gloom in Electric Cars
Vibrancy in Electric Buses Contrasts Gloom in Electric CarsBy Dr Peter Harrop The IDTechEx report, Electric Buses and Taxis 2012-2022   concentrates primarily on buses defined as enclosed vehicles with a driver that have been designed for stage carriage or transit work and carrying at least 10 passengers. The market for these electric…
01 January 2014 / Dr. Peter Harrop Chairman

An $18 Billion Market For Electric Vehicle Inverters In 2023

By Dr Gerry Boast, Anglo EV and Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman IDTech
By Dr Gerry Boast, Anglo EV and Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman The market for electric vehicle inverters, including converters, for both hybrid and pure electric vehicles land, water and air, will grow to $18 billion in 2023 as forecasted in the new IDTechEx report. The demand for inverters and electric power conversions is already well established in the automation and industrial control industries which are also growing at…
07 December 2012 / Dr. Peter Harrop Chairman
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