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Kia Soul en versión eléctrica
15 Noviembre 2013

Kia Soul en versión eléctrica

    La nueva versión llegará a los mercados europeos en 2014, y representará el primer vehículo eléctrico de la marca surcoreana producido para su venta el público en general.

    El Kia Soul EV llevará un motor eléctrico de 81,4 kW con un par motor de 285 Nm, quie transmite su potencia a las ruedas delanteras a través de un cambio de una sola marcha, o sea, no hará falta cambiar las marchas. Baterías de litio-ion polimero de 27 kW/h permitirán circular con el vehículo durante más de 200 kilómetros. Gracias por tener disponible todo el par desde el arranque, el Soul EV acelera en 12 segundos de 0-100 km/h y alcanza una velocidad tope de unos 145 km/h.

    “Although it is Kia´s first globally-sold all-electric vehicle, the Soul EV is our second-generation battery electric vehicle and significantly benefits from our in-depth experience gained from development of the Ray EV and proven daily operations of the Ray EV fleet for the past three years.”

    Thanks to instantly available torque, the electric drivetrain will ensure that the Soul EV is a fun-to-drive vehicle with rapid acceleration (standstill to 100 kph is predicted to take less than 12 seconds) and a top speed in the region of 145 kph.  To maximise the efficiency and potential range of the Soul EV, regenerative braking captures and recycles into the battery the energy generated while the car is coasting and braking.

    Charging is accomplished by plugging the Soul EV into any standard household electricity supply. Recharging times are up to five hours for a fully depleted battery using a standard 240v or 230v household outlet, or 25 minutes on fast charge with 100 kW output.

    The absence of engine noise, combined with special sound-proofing materials, will make the production Kia Soul EV extremely quiet inside, contributing to the exceptional refinement levels similar to those of premium vehicles.  Because of its nearly silent operation, for the benefit of pedestrian safety, the Soul EV will be equipped with a VESS (Virtual Engine Sound System) that emits an audio alert at speeds below 20 kph and whenever the car is reversing.

    Inside, Soul EV will be fitted with a unique Supervision instrument cluster and centre stack with an eight-inch display screen.  Appropriately for an eco-friendly vehicle, interior components and trim will use an increased range of recycled materials including Bio Plastic, Bio Foam, Bio Fabric and Bio PET Felt, together with low volatile organic compounds and newly developed antibacterial materials and paint.

    Kia launched domestic sales of the Ray EV in Korea in late 2011 and has gained real-world experience of daily operations by supplying a fleet of Ray EVs to government departments and public offices.
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