Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar El nuevo Volvo XC-90 no solo será el primer modelo que se basa en la nueva estructura SPA (Scalable […]
Volvo presenta su nuevo XC-90, también híbrido
14 Agosto 2014

Volvo presenta su nuevo XC-90, también híbrido

    El nuevo Volvo XC-90 no solo será el primer modelo que se basa en la nueva estructura SPA (Scalable Product Architectura), sobre la cual Volvo desarrollará una amplia gama de vehículos, sino también, en su versión más sofisticada, llevará una tracción híbrida al combinar un motor superturboalimentado de cuatro cilindros con un motor eléctrico, alcanzando los 400 CV de potencia.

    SPA has been under in-house development at Volvo for the past four years and is the cornerstone of the company’s ongoing USD 11bn transformation plan. It will be introduced with the all-new XC90 and then rolled out across the product range in future.

    The benefits of SPA are twofold. First, the flexibility of SPA liberates Volvo’s engineers and designers, allowing them to devise and introduce a wide range of new and alluring design features at the same time as improving driveability, introducing world-first safety features, offering the latest connected car technologies and creating more interior space.

    Secondly, SPA will change the way Volvo builds cars in the future by allowing a wide range of cars, powertrains, electrical systems and technologies – all of differing complexity – to be fitted on the same architecture, generating significant economies of scale. The new SPA chassis technology reduces weight and improves weight distribution, improving driving pleasure without compromising on ride comfort.

    The new XC90 offers a range of Drive-E engine options, all of which provide an outstanding combination of performance and fuel-efficiency. This modular family of two-litre, four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines has several levels of turbocharging to cover the whole range from high power and torque variants to fuel-efficient versions.

    SPA is also able to integrate electrification at all levels without intruding on interior space or load space. Other carmakers have struggled to combine the bulk of a battery pack with a luxurious and spacious interior, something that Volvo has managed to overcome with SPA.
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