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Store-Dot, recarga completa en 5 minutos
18 Mayo 2017

Store-Dot, recarga completa en 5 minutos

    La start-up israelita Store-Dot confirma haber encontrado la solución para que las baterías de litio-ion de los coches eléctricos se recarguen en solo cinco minutos. Sería la solución tan buscado.

    Store-Dot ha presentado su nueva tecnología en la fería Cube Tech en Berlín este mes de mayo. Según la empresa, problemas de seguridad están resueltas, ya que por los materiales empleados no hay posibilidad de fuego. Se utiliza principalmente nano-materiales y compuestos orgánicos especiales. Los acumuladores actualmente estan en fase de prueba, su uso en vehículos eléctricos producidos en serie está previsto para dentro de tres años.

    Leveraging on the innovation for a new generation of Li-ion cell design, the electric vehicle has a pack comprising of hundreds of EV FlashBattery cells that can store enough energy for up to 300 miles (480 km) range on a 5-minute charge. This translates to 60 miles of travel on a 1-minute charge.

    StoreDot’s core technology incorporates chemically synthesized organic molecules of non-biological origin. These innovative molecules demonstrate uniquely tunable optical and electrochemical properties, which allow for enhanced performance of energy storage devices.

    LiBs contain inorganic compounds in the battery’s cathode, typically comprising metal oxides or polyanions which are continuously recharged by the insertion of lithium ions. This process limits ionic conductivity, thereby reducing the power density and shortening the battery’s life expectancy. Moreover, the electrolyte used in LiBs is highly volatile and flammable, posing a severe safety risk to consumers, critical especially in electric cars.

    Using a unique multifunction electrode (MFE), StoreDot’s FlashBattery combines two benefits of energy storage solutions, incorporating the high-power rapid-charging rate capability with the high-energy storage ability.

    This optimized charging ability is achieved through an innovative electrode structure containing proprietary organic polymers with Metal Oxide compounds of the cathode that trigger the redox reactions. This solution enables ions to flow from a modified anode to a modified cathode at a speed that is much faster than existing technologies. Together with a proprietary separator and electrolyte, this new architecture delivers a high current and low internal resistance, with enhanced energy density and a prolonged battery life.

    While some battery manufacturers were able to improve only one of the following properties - either increased capacity, fast-charging or extended battery-life - StoreDot’s novel technology has optimized these three parameters simultaneously.

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