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Dethleffs E.home, The Electric Motorhome

The German company Dethleffs has recently presented a fully electric motorhome, which stands out for unique solutions such as 31 square meters of…
07 September 2017

Peugeot Presents A Solar Charging Station

The French car manufacture Peugeot has developped the charging station of the future for an american customer, with 88 photovoltaic panels and…
19 May 2016

Iveco Receives Award For The Vision

Iveco has received the "Europäischer Transportpreis für Nachhaltigkeit 2016" European transport sustainability award in the category of…
15 December 2015

EVS27 Barcelona

The EVS27 (the largest international electric vehicle symposium) was held between November 16th and 20th outside - for a general audience, pedestrians and tourists - and inside in the halls of the new Fira de Barcelona, where only professionals, lspeakers and some journalists had access. The EVS27 was a big success for Spain and specially for Barcelona - even though part of the outside demonstration was victim of torrential rains on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. But never before people had seen so many electric vehicles together, and never before had been in contact with such a lot of new companiess - from different countries - looking for a place in this great challenge of a better,…
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