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Dethleffs e.home, the electric motorhome
07 September 2017

Dethleffs e.home, the electric motorhome

The German company Dethleffs has recently presented a fully electric motorhome, which stands out for unique solutions such as 31 square meters of ultra-thin solar panels and PCM plates that accumulate the heat of the day to distribute it in the interior at night.

The motorhome business is booming, more and more people are seeing in the purchase of one of these vehicles an achievement of their dreams of having a mobile home. The German company Dethleffs believes that in the future there may also be a market for electric motor homes, complying with the concept that the important thing is not the kilometers you make every day, but to be able to rest wherever you want.

Its e-home model is based on the chassis of an electric Iveco Daily with electric motor of 80 kW (109 hp), and sodium-nickel chloride batteries of high temperatures, which seem to give better performance in a type of model like a motorhome. Dethleffs only reveals that these batteries allow a cycle of 1,500 refills, which, according to them, would amount to about 250,000 kilometers.

The novelty of the battery issue is the use of supercaps, which are capacitors that allow a lot of energy to be charged and discharged in a very short, constant period; which in this case allows to have more reserves for very strong momentary expenses and, in addition, increases the useful life of the batteries.

Another novelty is the use of photovoltaic panels in the exterior, a total of 31 square meters of very thin sheets, which is equivalent to about 3kW. It will help increase the reserve.

Another main theme in motor homes is heating. Dethleffs uses special PCM plates that collect the heat of the day to transfer it to the interior during the evening/night, which helps a lot in maintaining a pleasant temperature inside.

As expected there is also a full connection through the CampConnect System, an application that allows to control all energy sources and optimize them.
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