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Superpedestrian invents Copenhagen Wheels
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Superpedestrian invents Copenhagen Wheels

Superpedestrian set out to commercialize the patented wheel technology, which transforms standard bicycles into hybrid e-bikes with integrated online platforms, finding new ways to connect people with their environment. Called the Copenhagen Wheel, including electric engine, batterie and all the necessary tecnology to offer the most advanced electric bike-transformation.

Superpedestrian emerged from stealth mode to announce a $2.1 million Series A round of funding from Spark Capital with participation from Tumblr Founder and CEO David Karp. Superpedestrian was founded by MIT SENSEable City Laboratory Associate Director Assaf Biderman who helped conceive and develop the acclaimed Copenhagen Wheel together with Carlo Ratti, the Lab´s director. By throwing a Copenhagen Wheel  on your bike, you can ride almost anywhere – hills feel flattened, distances shrunk, and it´s connected through a range of apps that let you control and personalize your bike.”

Superpedestrian´s breakthrough in personal mobility is being developed by a founding team comprised of world-­‐recognized engineers, architects and academics, who formerly were team members at companies such as Segway, TeleAtlas, Nokia and MillenWorks, a subsidiary of Textron.

“The Superpedestrian team has come up with one of the most innovative means of urban travel to be introduced in recent decades,” said Spark Capital Co-­‐Founder and General Partner Santo Politi. “Assaf and his team have taken the worlds most common mode of transport – the bicycle – and completely transformed it.

“The Copenhagen Wheel promises to not only change the way we are able to move around in urban areas, but provides a new connecting network between cyclists, their bikes, and the city through personalized apps and real time connectivity.” “The Copenhagen Wheel is an embodiment of a more general trend of inserting intelligence into our everyday objects to create a smart, supporting infrastructure around ourselves," said Ratti.

Superpedestrian will introduce the product – including technical details and video demonstrations. Riders are given a boost as they pedal by measuring their effort, instead of using a throttle. This preserves the normal biking experience while enabling riders to bike faster, farther, and easier.  As you bike the wheel is able to capture energy when braking or going down hill that it stores in the integrated lithium battery pack.  All actuation of the wheel happens automatically via the pedals through sensing and control algorithms. When the rider pedals harder, such as when going uphill, the wheel pushes with increasing power. Using your smartphone with the Superpedestrian app, you can vary the level of powered assist.

The Superpedestrian SDK enables developers to get creative and develop a host of applications ranging from navigation to customizing the behavior of the wheel. The Copenhagen Wheel makes your bike look even better. It is completely wireless, compact and simple; all designed for your everyday commute. Twist two screws, install the wheel, download the app and you are ready to go!

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