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EVS27 Barcelona

AWESOME! It is the best word to appreciate what was mounted at the Fira de Barcelona regarding the electromobility of the future. With the great help from outside, but with the invaluable work of our people fully involved to offer a great exhibition, a symposium and conferences worthy of a country that have much to say in this area, in this great electric future we expected.

As we got rid of this political caste that does not help us move forward and no longer represents us, we´ll have a future full of great hope, with part of it towards electromobility, solar energy, the Smart Cities, small companies dedicated to high technology, trading with other countries and people of other nationalities, etc.

The children who used electric karts ceded by Urbaser were told that they will use an electric vehicle that can be recharged by solar energy and is environmentally friendly. We are one of the countries with more hours of sunlight, and what works in the darkest Norway - full of solar panels and refills from home with renewable electricity -, here has to work very well, if not maliciously blocked.

According to official data, nearly 5,000 visitors enjoyed the many stands at the Fira de Barcelona, with such a variety of products ever seen in our country. Special areas were dedicated to the representation of components and vehicles from different countries, Norway and Denmark, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Portugal and many more, all of them looking to exchange with us, working together to prepare a better global future where each one fits their ideology and their projects.

There were a lot of new features, which we will present here at Prestige Electric Car over the following weeks. The global language was English, as the small businesses could not have representatives who speak our language, but nothing happens, we are international and we understand them all. Spanish companies also provided important developments, seeking support outside because inside there are little, to transform into something quiet and clean everything that makes noise and pollution. As the Enduro bikes, that no longer have to be very noisy and smoke coming out of their exhaust pipes. Nor delivery vans or buses. And bikes can be a means of transport, not just sport, suitable for all ages, with the help of electric motors.
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