Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Pablo de Chavez dedicates to design, art, engineering and motorcycles from the sunny Canary Islands. […]
DCH electric motorbike
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DCH electric motorbike

Pablo de Chavez dedicates to design, art, engineering and motorcycles from the sunny Canary Islands. Being a mechanical engineer and industrial designer specialized in automotive design, he worked in SEAT Design Department, the Company Arc Design & Project, Lamborghuni Design Centre and Tohqi Europa. He currently shares his time between performing freelance and personal research projects. He creates his own bloq where he explains with all details his work and projects.

Pablo de Chavez just finished the development of a electric motorcycle called DCH. After a year and a half working on project, he finally said that it is totally assembled and working. He started this project from scratch. not using any bike as a starting point, and no chassis parts from other bikes.

The DCH is an urban electric motorcycle; original, minimalist and different. It’s a bike designed to be used around town with style and confort. Its original aesthetic is marked by the pursuit of eliminating all the unnecessary components of a bike, marked by the attention to detail. The aim has been to make a stronger, more durable and cheaper to built motorcycle. The DCH Prototype used an air-cooled electric motor Enertrac MHM 602 with a continuous power of 10KW and a peak of 30KW. The energy comes from a battery pack Headway  40152 LiFePO4 with 76,8V and 45Ah.

Pablo like to comment that the whole projectof this motorcycle is on sale, that is to say, the completely functional prototype together with the know-how, CAD files, CAD drawings, calculatioms, rights, a.s.o., so any company, start-up or freelancer can go to pass homologation, and tan starts productions and distribution.  

Pablo also Works for the Canary Island Company Torqi, producer of electric scooters, where he works on the design of new projets from this Company.  

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