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London College of Fashion students collaborate with Hyundai to showcase creativity and promote the world’s first production fuel cell car: the zero-emission ix35 Fuel Cell, they just unveiled their winning designs in the LCFxHyundai ‘Fashioned Fuel Cell’ competition to coincide with the opening of the LCF BA14 undergraduate season.

Part of an innovative and creative partnership between Hyundai and the college, the ‘Fashioned Fuel Cell’ competition tasked students with creating a ‘Mobile Marketing Campaign’ communicating the key benefits of Hyundai’s zero-emission ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle.  Students designed 2D visuals that articulated the campaign message: ‘Using fashion, as a discipline, to drive brand awareness and change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live our lives’. The competition allowed students to showcase their creativity while promoting the benefits of the world’s first production fuel cell car – the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell which emits only water vapour.

The co-curricular project was open to students from across the college and attracted entrants from all disciplines. Of the 159 entrants, seven students – working either individually or collaboratively - were selected to have their work applied to 10 Hyundai ix35 vehicles, which will be used to chauffer VIPs across London during the wide variety of events in LCF’s BA14 undergraduate season (June 19th- 29th).

The overall winning design went to 1st year BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Realisation student, Ilona Spruge, and has been applied onto an ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle which has been transported to the UK from Hyundai’s European Head Office in Frankfurt.

Ilona Spruge, overall winner of the Fashioned Fuel Cell project, said: “I am absolutely delighted that my design has been chosen as the overall winner. I’m really excited that my work will be showcased in such a high-impact way by being driven around London chauffeuring VIP guests to LCF’s shows. My inspiration for the campaign came from this simple truth: ‘The car with a green agenda close to its heart’, and I felt empowered by Hyundai to create a design synonymous with a sustainable future.”

Ilona will be presented with an award by Hyundai UK’s President and CEO, Tony Whitehorn, at an awards presentation in Shoreditch on June 25th.

Rob Lakin, Creative Director for the School of Management and Science at London College of Fashion, commented:“LCF’s collaboration with Hyundai has been a fantastic opportunity for our students and I am so pleased to see the winning designs realised on the ix35 vehicles. The competition and Hyundai’s commitment to innovation and sustainability chime well with LCF’s belief that fashion can be a tool to drive change and improve the way we live.”

Tony Whitehorn, Hyundai UK’s President & CEO, commented:“It’s fantastic to be able to collaborate with such talented individuals from London College of Fashion. The winning design from IIona Spruge beautifully captures the essence of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, showcasing her own creative take on what is happening under the bonnet in the form of an incredible illustration.

This project will allow students to showcase their work around London over the coming weeks and help raise awareness of technology that could genuinely change the world in which we live.”

After LCF’s BA14 undergraduate season, the ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle featuring the winning design will be sent for various high-profile test drives with private and public sector companies for leasing consideration.

Titel: Anna-Louise Ross with her design
Photo 1: Ilona Spruge, wimmer of this competition
Photo 2: The design realised by Haena Kim y Shiyoen Lee
Photo 3: Anna-Louise Ross, Charlie Milton, Joelia Bril, Haena Kim y Shiyoen Lee
Photo 4: Joelia Bril y Charlie Milton
Photo 5: The Hyundai Fuel Cell in London
Photo 6: The design from Jana Dahman
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