Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Mö is a very interesting proyect of a electro-solar vehicle with pedals... […]
Spanish Evovelo presents Mö
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Spanish Evovelo presents Mö

Mö is a very interesting proyect of a electro-solar vehicle with pedals...

Evovelo is a cooperative of five people who have joined their knowledge and expertise in order to develop a new concept vehicle: vehicles designed to transport people and goods according to the criteria of efficiency, sustainability and respect for the environment. The cooperative is working on a social economic base.

The aim of the present project is to create sustainable and green cars to fill the gap between a car and a bicycle, a small and versatile vehicle perfect for cities, tourists, large industrial and leisure.

The first model to be built called Mö. Mö is a hybrid vehicle approved as tandem tricycle. You can drive it only on electric way or adding the pedaling power. This vehicle is powered by a 1200W electric motor with a 48V 12Ah removable battery which is recharged by a built-in solar panel roof of the vehicle. It has a estimated range between 40 and 80 kilometers, depending on terrain and the use of the electric motor.

This tricycle will measure approximately 150cm wide, 200cm long and 130cm high. It will have capacity for 2 people plus luggage or pushchairs. Being a fully enclosed vehicle it provides increased safety to occupants and allows to be used all year round. Its structure will be made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for minimizing environmental impact.

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