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The French company L-Trott offers a well-amde adult electric scooter with an aluminium frame, two large wheels, an adjustable handlebar, a platform, and a rear shock absorber that absorbs bumps in the road. But this little scooter offers something more: an electric engine in the front wheel. At less than 10kg and a reduced size of 94,5 x 30 x 13,5 cm, L-Trott allows carry it up and use it in urban transport.

The L-trott has an electric engine integrated in the front wheel, brushless with 250 W DC / 24 V with 700 tr/min, paired with 13,3 Nm, really apreciated by beeing nearly noiseless. The 5,8 Ah Li-Po battery slides right into the platform structure, protected from shocks and humidity by an airtight hood attached to the scooter's frame. The range is about 20 kiloemters depending on the riding style, but can be fully charged in 2 or 3 hours from a standard electrical outlet.

The adult scooter can rwach about 23 km/h. it is equipped with a special double braking system, consisting of a regular handle brake that is an electronic motor brake - the more force you apply, the more powerful the brakes. But the L-Trotta lso has a rear-foot brake that triggers the motor brake inmediately, in addition to a friction brake on the back wheel.

The scooter has also a completely digital display that allows to see the total riding distance, how far you have travelled since the last time, the speed, the battery level and the time. It also has a super-fast folding system, it can be fold with 1 click to the lever of the platform, and in three steps it can be completely folded, the handles, the handlebar height and the platform.

Also L-Trott is designed to compensate the limited range by recovering energy while stopped. The more you brake, the more energy you recover (up to 10%).

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