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The Čezeta was originally a motor scooter manufactured from 1957 to 1964 in what was then Czechoslovakia, (now the Czech Republic), by the Česká Zbrojovka Strakonice (ČZ) company, which manufactured motorcycles from 1935 to 1997. Production resumed in 2013 with the introduction of a new hand-built electric version Type 506.

The Type 506 is an electric bike production project developed by the Czech limited-liability company Čezeta Motors s.r.o. The company holds the EU design patent for the Type 506 (002304840-0001), the 3-dimensional EU trademark Cezeta (11955127) and licences to use the EU trademarks for the Cezeta name (10477172) and logo (010572741).

The aims of the project are to encourage the adoption of new transport technologies and give engineering students practical experience with these things. All profits from the operation of the company are re-invested into furthering these aims.

In addition to developing the Type 506, Čezeta Motors is also active in supporting the community of vintage Čezeta owners through technical advice, parts sales, scooter restoration and sales, the maintenance of a Facebook channel and creation of an online archive of the history of Čezeta. All profits from this side of the company's business are re-invested into the productin project to further education of engineering students and promotion of new technology.

We would like to introduce to you a new electric motorbike from Prague. It celebrates the legendary Čezeta bikes of the 1960s, keeping its classic looks but underneath having a new high-tech electric motor system.

It has great specifications for commuter use - top speed is 80km/h and range is 100km. A powerful on-board 15A charger charges the pack in approx 4 hours.

We hope to produce a limited edition of 100 of these 'Type 506' bikes and would welcome your publicity of the project. All profits from the project go to furthering local student training in EV-related education.

Our pack stores approximately 5 kWh of energy, which is a lot compared to the average contemporary electric scooter. Using this pack in prototype testing, we have achieved a range of 75-85 km on a single charge (depending on factors such as weight of rider, speed and terrain). This is quite useable for average daily city use and should be improved in our production model that will be far lighter. Optional regenerative braking can also add further 5-10% distance to the range, which we estimate will be 100km.

The prices is:
9450€ - Type 506 in red and white or blue combinations (as shown in the photos above). 4.8kWh battery pack with use and management system. 5kW electric hub motor. On-board 15A charger. All instruments. Key switch security.
+ €470 - Add all accessories.... Remote alarm, immobiliser and GPS security. Regeneration braking. Crash safety cutoff. Underbody LED safety lighting. High-quality handlebar mirror. Smartphone holder and power.
+ €690 - Add special custom style.... Jet black paint, chromed side vents, high sheen logo and front bumper, and white wheels (shown on the development news webpage as prototype 4).
+ €350 - Add Atomium lighting.... Front bar with array of vintage-style headlights and fog lights, in shape of Brussels' atomium (will be in the style of this scooter from Hellboy). Switch controlled. LED lights.

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