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The German company Streetscooter, created in 2010 in collaboration with the famous Technical High School RWTH from Aachen (Aquisgrán), presents now the concept of a city car after the big success they had with the post van, specially developped for the Gemran post service.

The StreetScooter vehicles are developed as a cost-efficient solution for inner-city traffic. The SDV is the approach to cost savings and cost innovation without compromising safety and is deliberately designed for short travel allowing savings in weight, engine size and interiors. At the same time, StreetScooter is also committed ensuring a low carbon footprint and low-cost manufacturing. Currently StreetScooter focuses on fleet solutions, e.g. for Deutsche Post DHL.

Since the mid of 2010 the StreetScooter GmbH is developing new mobility concepts for cities and high population density areas. From then on, the companies' ideas have found nationwide attention. At the request of Deutsche Post StreetScooter has developed a special vehicle for the joint delivery (letters and parcels). In collaboration with a team of RWTH Aachen also a pedelec for delivery has been developed. In addition, further mobility models are considered.

Upon request Streetscooter created a custom made electric car for mail and parcel delivery for Deutsche Post DHL. Key requirements were to handle 200 stops and starts daily, offer a minimum 300 day availability per year, provide sufficient cargo capacity and to meet all safety standards. As a result of only one year of design & engineering, 50 electrically-powered cars are now in operation.

The vehicle designed and developed by StreetScooter GmbH, now available also for other customers - it is exposed at the IAA Show at Hannover where the car can be driven - offers the advantages over petrol-fueled cars as a load capacity of 4,3 m³ making the box being more capacious compared to corresponding vehicles in this class, a higher payload capacity (flat loading possible, no hidden wheel houses), a tailor-made platform: either as flat bed or as box variant in combination with insert boxes developed by Sortimo and lower maintenance and repair costs as well as lower engineering costs. In case of a front impact accident, replacing the affected component is cheaper compared to other conventional cars.

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