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Egret One E-Scooter
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Egret One E-Scooter

The vehicle manufacturer Walberg Urban Electrics Gmbh was founded in 2012 by Florian Walberg and embodies German quality engineering and perfect service in the e-mobility sector, creating history with the design of the ‘Egret One’ Scooter, an innovative mobility solution that is offering a totally new ride sensation.

Walberg Urban Electrics designs transform mobility to an experience. Intuitive handling, compact design and high quality componentry distinguish the Egret One. It is the timely, yet lasting response to the urban mobility challenge and excites through its flexibility and pace. With the e-Scooter Egret One and the new model Egret One S (spring 2015), Walberg Urban Electrics developed a product immediately applicable in the urban  environment and marries up all the ideas and expectations of the eight member team.

Constructed from aluminium alloy the e-Scooter can travel at speeds up to 20 km/h (12.4mph), is powered  by a hi-tech rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (Li-Fe-Po4) and weighs only 15kg (33lbs). The device folds and is stowed away in the office or boot of the car in a few seconds.

Florian Walberg set up the production facility in Asia, ensuring staff were taught and adopted the German manufacturing standards. His team supervises the production in situ. All service, dealer and retail tasks are handled in the north of Germany. Walberg Urban Electrics maintains many close ties to partner organisations, car manufacturers as well as supplied electric bike & vehicle rental services to ensure that industry leading know-how and services knowledge is kept up to date.

Florian Walberg is involved in Brussels with a technical committee additionally paving to create a new ‘Light Electric Vehicle’ category in Europe for the environmentally sustainable vehicles of the future. Concurrent to the Egret One production, Walberg Urban Electrics Gmbh is actively pursuing the development of future concepts for the ‘last mile vehicle that folds into the boot of your car’.

The company is located in the iconic ‘Speicherstadt’ in Hamburg,

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