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Irizar, the Basque manufacturer of buses and coaches with a history of over 125 years, today presents the bus of the future, its fully electric model i2e, a 12 meters long city bus able to travel 200 to 250 kilometers without recharging, completely free of emissions.

It is anticipated that this bus will recharge at the end of each working day, with five hours connected to a cable that passes 125 amps to the high temperature nickel-sodium batteries. The Siemens motors guarantee an output of 230 kW, while the batteries hold a capacity of 376 kW/h, which gives this high range autonomy despite being a large urban vehicle.

This model also has supercapacitors, working as batteries acumulating/delivering electricity in the numerous stop-and-go, a system that allows the main battery of the system to rest. Irizar emphasizes that the bus can also be prepared for an induction recharge or the recharging with a pantograph like a trolleybus.

The system contributes to the reduction of 88 tons of C02 emission and enables an annual savings of 33,000 liters of fuel. The bus is also completely recyclable, including the batteries that are recycled by 99%. Thereby enhancing durability and operational cost performance.

Two units are already travelling in Barcelona, owned by the Catalan company TMB, framed in the European ZeEUS project to promote zero-emission urban transport.
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