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Around the world on an electric motor bike
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Around the world on an electric motor bike

Students of the Eindhoven University of Technology develop an electric motocycle to travel around the world in 80 days, participating in the 80 Day Race.

A reliable and efficient motorcycle is only the start of it. In 80 days STORM Eindhoven’s motorcycle and its team will have to travel 40,000 km. This means that, on average, 500 km should be covered on a daily basis, taking ten to twelve hours per day. The only landmarks the teams will have are the start and finish line in each of the eight cities that will host the 80DR. The rest of the route is a blank canvas on which the team will have to apply its own strategy.

The STORM motorcycle pushes these limits by using a compact 35 kW motor which makes optimal use of limited space. To improve efficiency at lower speeds even further, the motor is combined with a highly efficient gear box and belt drive transmission. The lack of vibrations adds comfort to your ride, while the immediately available full torque adds the thrill.

The 35 kW motor delivers a peak power of 70 kW. You then get double the power, and double the torque. You do not only have a smooth ride, it will be powerful as well! A unique part of the motorcycle’s powertrain is the 2-speed gear box. We included a SmeshGear planetary gear set, that ensures a combination of great acceleration and high-speed efficiency. At lower vehicle speed, the SmeshGear provides a reduction to enlarge the provided torque and to allow the motor to operate more efficiently. This results in a higher torque transmitted to the wheel and therefore a powerful acceleration. At highway speeds, the SmeshGear turns into a direct drive axle, meaning there are no additional energy losses, as there are no gears turning.

The motorcycle’s battery pack is modular and its capacity can be customized to the user’s needs. The lightest configuration, Sport, will hold as much as 14 kWh of energy, which is still a lot for electric motorcycles. This will grant you an official range of 200 kilometres. Other configurations in growing order of capacity are Urban, Touring and Travel, each mode adding 60 kilometres to the total. Furthermore, cartridges can easily be swapped; recharging has never been so fast.

Another big advantage of having a modular battery is that it can be replaced at a moment’s notice. This means that, when batteries have lost too much capacity, they can be exchanged. It also means that when battery technology has improved, the next version of batteries can be implemented easily. So when there is a new chemical composition which increases the capacity or improves the energy-to-weight ratio, the battery pack as a whole can be upgraded at once.

The main focus of STORM is the integration of safety systems and driver assistance systems in a user-friendly way. The driver will be more visible to the other road users while being more aware of the environment as well. This new combination of technologies can assist the driver with navigating and indicates possible dangers ahead.

STORM Eindhoven is facing some huge challenges, but we don’t have to face these alone. The team and the Eindhoven University of Technology are situated in Brainport region Eindhoven. This region is known for its vital position in the automotive industry, which means we are surrounded by many people who have the experience, means and expertise to help us reach our goals. STORM is building partnerships and so creating a platform of knowledge. Join our crowdfunding or become a partner if you want to be part of this alliance.

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