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Bultaco Brinco
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Bultaco Brinco

22 June 2015.
On May 17, 2014 , Bultaco announced its return to the market. Since then, the Spanish brand has experienced a flurry of activity. Bultaco now presents its Brinco, a new concept of a motor-bike, something completely new, groundbreaking, the result of the will of the spirit Bultaco move into a new era, with a new language, but always faithful to the classic values of the brand: passion, innovation, competition.

The groundbreaking concept of the Brinco is that this basically a bike that can be propelled by an electric motor, yet it retains the pedalling function. The company offers different customisations for multiple forms of riding, so everybody can dedide how he would like the bike, that means to look for the appropiate motor/pedal combination. With pedalling the range can rise up to 100 km.

The bike is supported by an aluminium frame with two suspension systems and a 9-speed manual gearshift. The front has a 200mm inverted suspensión fork, emanwhile the rear suspension comprises a monoshock with 220mm of travel. The electric motor is situated on the rear wheel; the lithium-ion battery in the main frame, removeable, interchangeable and portable; protected from the dust. The battery can be recharged in about two hours.

The lightweight materials of high rigidity allows a weight of about 33kg, including the battery. The Bultaco Brinco has discs brake on both wheels, and at the front, a four-piston calliper.

Bultaco offers a pre-sold of the first 175 units of the Brinco that could be ordered on the webside. There are only a few left.

After having shocked the entire world by announcing its return with a new and excited team, and by presenting 2 prototypes - the Rapitán and the Rapitán Sport - that break the standard molds in the motorcycling world, the new Bultaco already boasts a new factory located close to the Montmeló Circuit, in Barcelona, a strategic location just kilometers from most of the company's collaborators and suppliers.

The new Bultaco factory will soon be up and running full tilt. The main building covers more than 2000 m2, most reserved for the manufacture of the new motorcycles, though there is also an area of over 300 m2 designated for offices, arranged on two 150-m floors. The Factory's design is already completely defined, with an area dedicated to dynamometers for engine work, and two production chains, followed by a quality control area preceding a storage zone. This building will accommodate a group of more than 50 workers by late 2015, for an initial production rate of more than 1,000 units per year. The capacity of the production line dedicated to the Brinco model is over 20,000 units per year.

"Adaptcontrol", the unique controller for electrical vehicles developed by Bultaco, has been recognized as an innovative technological product by the European Union, which has financially supported the project through the Horizon 2020 program, the financial instrument of the most ambitious research and innovation program ever instituted by the UE.

"Adaptcontrol" makes it possible to integrate into a single compact controller functions that currently require 5 different systems, for the most efficient management of the electrical motor, the BMS (Battery Management System), ultracondensers, the recharging system and the VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). In addition, it is a modular system adaptable to all types of electrical motors, which will allow Bultaco to become a leading international supplier of smart vehicle control systems.

On 17 May the new Bultaco celebrated its first birthday. But we have a whole other life behind us. In reality it turned 57.
Depending on how one looks at it, Bultaco can be a young newcomer or an industry veteran. But what matters is that Bultaco's philosophy is always the same: passion, innovation and competition. Bultaco reappears with the mission to continue doing just what it would have if it had never stopped manufacturing its motorcycles back in 1983: offering fun and new technology on two wheels. The new Bultaco team maintains a 100% Bultaco spirit, inspired by the names of its legendary motorcycles, and proud of their legacy. But it does not live in its past, but rather is always looking towards the future.

Bultaco is faithful to the traditional values that made the brand founded by Don Paco Bulto legendary: passion, innovation and competition, but transferred to the 21st century after an instantaneous jump into the future, in which innovation and technology are placed within the reach of all users, so that they can enjoy a new vehicle concept: the Moto-Bike.

For Bultaco innovating means not just achieving new technological goals, but also offering new experiences. And its Brinco is something completely new and trailblazing, the result of a desire to take the Bultaco spirit into a new era, with a new language, but always faithful to the brand's classic values: passion, innovation, competition.

With Brinco Bultaco proposes a totally new way of approaching and experiencing two wheels. A surprising combination between the motorcycling and bicycling worlds: electrical propulsion and the physical experience of pedaling, independently; the perfect combination of both systems. You decide at all times how to maximize the perfect symbiosis between the throttle and pedals.

Brinco allows you to enjoy any setting: in the countryside, with features that will surprise serious sport users, and in the city, thanks to a unique combination of agility, connectivity and exclusivity, perfect to get you wherever you want to go.
Whether for short or intermediate journeys, Brinco is, above all, a playmate, a means of escape and fun like no other. Because the Bultaco Brinco will take to you wherever you want to go, wherever you dream, further and faster than where your legs alone could ever take you.

The Bultaco Brinco was created to seduce the widest range of users; men and women, everyone from children to veterans, those who are avid cyclists and motorcycle riders, and those who are not, "Bultaco buffs," or those members of the new generation that are looking for something different: the latest technology, connectivity, exclusive design, and fun, in harmony with the environment. All of them will find in this Moto-Bike a perfect companion at all times.
Technology: engineering and design yielding surprising results.

The Bultaco Brinco surprises with its innovative design, its technology and the efficiency of each of its elements. Bultaco's engineering and design teams have worked in close collaboration to create the first Moto-Bike, a vehicle that is spectacular, sporty, and stunning.

One glance and it is clear that the Bultaco Brinco is something new, not comparable to the segments known until now. Its features may evoke those of a competition mountain bike, a trial motorcycle, or a motocross or urban trail bike, but its design and the engineering solutions that define it make it a very special machine that defies all conventional labels.
Its aluminum frame and sturdy suspension are designed to offer agility and the capacity to tackle everything ahead of it, but also to deliver relaxing moments, with absolute control. Its chassis and swingarm were developed to meet standards in line with those of an enduro motorcycle, so as to guarantee an optimal balance between lightness, sturdiness and durability.

The Bultaco Brinco's frame is made completely of aluminum, with a swingarm for the rear wheel assembly, the battery mounted underneath the main tube, and the seat resting on a tubular aluminum sub-chassis offering telescopic adjustment. Two discreet reinforced plastic mudguards protect the rider from splashes, while handles attached directly to the frame facilitate its transport and parking. All in all, 39 kilos of Moto-Bike: pure technology, agile, light and ready for anything.
For the two suspensions an optimal compromise between performance and lightness was opted for. Thus, up front Bultaco's engineers chose a large 180 mm inverted and two shocks, a reliable and effective system that offers outstanding stability, precise steering, and excellent off-road performance. For the back wheel a single 217-mm shock was employed. A very sturdy system that guarantees optimal traction capacity.

The braking system features discs on both wheels; to the front, a powerful four-piston clamp that guarantees optimal performance under all circumstances. The wheels are of 24 x 3.0" inch motorcycle wheels, ideal to deliver the desired degree of stability, and with the capacity to tackle all types of obstacles.

The magic behind its dynamism stems from its perfect combination of pedals and a powerful motor of up to 2 kW located on the back wheel and linked to the easy use of the Brinco's nine speeds, which multiply to eighteen thanks to its overdrive technology.

The overdrive shift is an ingenious solution: a system of epicyclic gearing that delivers an increase or decrease in the gear ratio, thereby maximizing the comfort of pedaling in each situation and at any speed. One of its advantages is its ease of use; in order to shift gears one just uses his heel to press a button located on the axis of the pedals. To shift gears again in the other direction one just performs the same action with his other foot.

The cockpit, the handlebars, are adjustable on the fly and have two comfortable, cushioned grips and brake levers, also adaptable and also autoadjustable for the tension of the brake cables. The central part features a small and practical control panel with an LED screen that reports one's speed, motor temperature, partial and complete kilometers, and battery remaining. In addition, it is compatible with connectivity systems via Bluetooth, and contains a keyless startup system that functions by placing an activation bracelet near the unit.

Weighing just 39 kilos, including its 8-kilo battery, with 60 Nm of torque and up to 2 kW of power, and a top speed of 60 km/h, the Bultaco Brinco has power and potency that will not cease to surprise you... if you are can keep up, it will take you very far.

The historic founder of the brand's vision is impressive, because the new Bultaco Brinco offers just that, and much more. Bultaco has developed its own system of electrical propulsion, cutting-edge technology that has been validated and verified as exceeding the most demanding quality, reliability and durability standards.

The motor is on the rear wheel, a compact electrical device capable of generating 2kW of power, with 60 Nm of torque - remarkable performance that demonstrates the Brinco's two basic qualities: fun and mobility. This kind of capacity assures good sensations on all types of routes, especially off-road.

The battery, a fundamental element on the Bultaco Brinco, is a compact and robust ion-lithium device with 1.3 kWh of storage capacity. It is an oversized battery relative to the Moto-Bike's proportions, but Bultaco's engineers chose it to assure the user outstanding range, however the Brinco is used. In addition, the batter is perfectly lodged under the frame's main tube, forming an integral part of the vehicle's main structure.

The battery is easy to remove, the operation requiring less than 15 seconds by releasing the security anchoring with a key and a starter motor... It is also highly durable, totally rechargeable in just three hours using a conventional socket, interchangeable, and portable. Bultaco will offer the option of a second battery so that the most enthusiastic and athletic riders can be assured over 100 km of fun at all times.

The motor and battery are managed via a sophisticated control unit that the Bultaco Team has specifically developed for Brinco, in accordance with the premises of maximum efficiency and minimum volume. This controller guarantees a perfect synchronization between the rider and the power train, thanks to smart and precise energy management.

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