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Yebbujana, specialized technology of Power Plaza
15 March 2016

Yebbujana, specialized technology of Power Plaza

The Southcorean company Power Plaza likes to demostrate with the Yebbujana two+two seater coupé what is already available for such a smoothy sport car: 200 km/h and a range of more than 750 kilometers.

Power Plaza secured technical skills for Electric Vehicle through the power-train solution research and EV conversion business based on the accumulated power electronics technology. Furthermore Power Plaza has tried to develop the reliable products and new technology for electric vehicle by acquiring high-tech software, hardware and etc.

The Yebbujana S4 is the fourth model of Yebbujana series, newly developed from the previous two-seater coupe to the upgraded hatch back style (2+2 seater). According to customer’s choice, battery can be now equipped with up to 81kWh and it’s possible to drive up to 750km on a single charge.

Battery Module(BBLI81V/30A) and BMS(BPS-13S-BU) has developed with its own technology. The charging system using Onboard Charger(OBC)has adopted 220V system that can be charged from common household and a standard charging system for electric vehicles. And it is also possible to implement faster charging method using three-phase 380V.

One of the characteristic is the one piece floor reducing the manufacturing costs compared to normal frame methods. The Yebbujana has a simple assembly characteristic and optimized body structure, Powerplaza has the design and manufacturing patent for the one-piece floor for the body of a car.

Yebbujana body is with 100% carbon fiber which is a material of airplane or spacecraft for the lightness. The ultra light car body is five times more stronger than steel against physical impact. The body has a impact bar which is equipped with a bumper to ensure the safety and is manufactured by Hankuk, the number one carbon fiber manufacturer in Korea.

Powerr Plaza is studying the possibility to offer these cars in a small series starting in 2017 for between 33.000 and 47.000 Euros depending the model.

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