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Riese & Müller Delite with DualBattery
23 September 2016

Riese & Müller Delite with DualBattery

The German company Riese & Müller from Darmstadt, specialist for E-Bikes, is one of the first company to use the new double battery pack presented some days ago by Bosch. This DualBattery system puts double the capacity into the pedelec drive, with a range of more than 180 kilometers.

The charger used a special software permitting to switch automatically between batteries, so both batteries are charged together from a single port. The batteries combine for up to 1.000 Wh, but can be used separately... you can drive with one of them or with both together.

Delite electric model is the star of the brand, supplied in various heights frame to find an optimal position. It's a bicycle for long journeys, for the mountain, for the city. It can be used in various types of roads, mainly due to its special suspension system, a full suspension, consisting of an optimized front wheel suspension, a rear oscilating active wheel and suspended trunk. This system helps improve adherence to any terrain for optimum safety at any speed.

Pedaling may receive an electric aid of up to 300% through the Bosch Performance CX motor, which, with the help of its sensor technology, allows the best traction to less effort. The engine help to reach the 25 km/h; but who needs higher speeds up to 45 km/h can acquire the HS engine version.

The pulley of the carbon belt drive maintains optimum tension constantly, a great advantage. In addition, the belt is very clean, durable and nearly maintenance free.
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