Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar On a three-wheeled chassis and edged with the chrome of America’s muscle days, this new-age take […]
Nobe, a new-age lovely electric car
06 June 2018

Nobe, a new-age lovely electric car

On a three-wheeled chassis and edged with the chrome of America’s muscle days, this new-age take on an antique design is a reminder of a time when cars weren’t just a daily commuter but a work of art to boot. Nobe may take you back sixty years, but “we’re proud of that, but we’re ten years ahead of the times with an electric take you’re sure to be shocked by.”

Nobe offers a classic, playful yet conventional way to own a piece of nostalgia without the carbon footprint. Owning a lightweight, comfortable and compact e-car doesn’t have to look generic or blow a budget. Make your next trip with style, turn a few heads, and still do your part in making sure your automobile choice leaves the world a little greener.

The Nobe gets up to 110 km/h and has a range of 220 kilometers.

The Estonian Roman Muljar told us:

- I wanted to create something long-lasting like a swiss watch, something that works perfectly and would be forever stylish. I wanted to create something that everyone else in your family – as well as all your friends – will want to borrow from you and take out for a spin just to see how it drives.

- Although I knew the story of three-wheeled vehicles from both England and Germany, I also wanted to explore what else the future might hold. Turns out, there are some amazing things already happening here in Estonia. Young Estonian engineers and researchers have already been hard at work, forging our electric future. There was no need for me to start from scratch. My team was already here waiting for me.

- I’m searching for timeless perfection. And I want this amazing fusion of design and engineering to be Estonian born and bred.

- These days, the whole world is watching the evolution of electric vehicles. While the established automotive giants may still be at the forefront of the market these days, I’m confident that Estonia is uniquely positioned to launch its first light electric vehicle (LEV).

Each of the wheels has a hub motor, so it is a three-wheel drive (3x3), which develop around 60 HP, good for a top speed of 68 mph, and, thanks for using lightweight composite by building the body, the car should reach the 60 mph in about 6 seconds; inbelievable, right?.

from the webside:
Setting Nobe a bit more apart from the rest is the innovative dual-battery system. With the main battery putting the power behind each three-wheeled classic a separate battery provides power for the supporting systems such as light, heat, and the ever present radio so you never miss a tune or turn along the way. This briefcase sized battery can be removed without tools and is conveniently located in the front of the cabin. Developed specifically for Nobe motors this battery charges off any normal power outlet and can tackle a 40 kilometer trip with ease.

Every Nobe on the street comes standard with an All-Wheel Drive System to ensure safety in all conditions. There is no need to sacrifice handling and grip, but we like that the acceleration stuck around too. Nobe Cruiser comes with optional M (muscle car) switch.

Go ahead, grab that shining chrome handle and open it up. You’ll swing into this beauty with ease and plop right into a rich leather seat so comfortable you’ll wonder where the tv is. Run your hands down the hand stitched edges and take a second to think “now do I want this in a convertible or hard-top?” We do offer both, but air conditioning and heat are ready to rock and roll regardless.

You’ve already noticed that the Nobe only have three wheels. The false story is that the company just lost a wheel the day they going to make the car and didn’t have time to get a new one. The true story is the homage they’re paying to the Benz Patent-Motorwagen rolling way on back to 1885.

Comment by Christian Manz: to make a homage to the Threewheeler Benz honoured you, but we don't have to forget that Benz, creator of one of the first gasoline cars, really selected the wrong way: to make the gasoline car the best selection on this time, instead of continue investigating the electric car, that promised a clear environment already in these years. We don't have to forget that at the end of the 19th century nobody wants to get a gasoline car, they were still banned for their noises and bad smelling...

The next steps to built the cars will be taken using crowdfunding

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