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26 July 2012

Agility Global Ltd, a vehicle design and manufacturing company located in London specialising in zero emissions transportation solutions. We have created Saietta, a luxury electric urban sports motorcycle. Saietta is innovative, confident and dynamic, designed and developed from the outset to optimise the benefits of electric technology.  The intelligent design, styling and progressive engineering solutions make our bike agile, usable and enjoyable; perfectly suited to urban environments.

Saietta represents the first meaningful redesign in motorcycling in a generation. Its unparalelled handling and revolutionary styling have set the benchmark for performance and design across the industry. Its fistful of world firsts, stack of glowing reviews and awards have firmly established Saietta as the best motorbike available, bar none. The all-day-long range, unmatched handling and impressive power are all that you could ask of a bike.

Saietta comes in two ranges: Saietta S - 50 miles with a single battery pack and Saietta R - 100 miles with a twin battery pack. Saietta matches or exceeds the performance characteristics of existing Supermotos and combines unique styling and design which integrates and exploits the advantages of electric vehicles.The prices are £ 9.975 for the "S", and  £ 13.975 for the "R".

As a result of the high levels of technology and design innovation the London Science Museum's Anthenna Gallery is already exhibiting Saietta. The bike has received a fantastic public and press response at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012, where it climbed up the hill. Saietta has already been featured in BBC Top Gear, GQ, Esquire and Wired Magazine among many others and has also been invited and aired on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch with Tim Lovejoy, UBrain Networks Japan, Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged, and a number of others that will air in the coming months.

Saietta's Unique Features:

1. World's First production Composite Monocoque Chassis (like an F1 Car) in a motorcycle. The Agility battery envelope IS the structure of the motorcycle - minimising weight, increasing strength and combining to give you, the rider, the most direct and tactile control possible.

2. Advanced "Wide-Base Variable-Geometry"tm Unequal Length Front Double-Wishbone suspension for extreme steering and suspension control throughout the performance envelope.

3. Unique Agility "Instinct Steering Geometry"tm for intuitive feel and superlative handling from walking pace up through to blisteringly fast.

4. Ground-breaking "Drive-Torque Geometry Control" integrated transmission and suspension system for optimised suspension control during aggressive acceleration, giving maximum corner-exit traction, and greater stability when accelerating and breaking.

5. Next Generation Drive-train: harnessing the efficiency of Agility's "Drive-Torque Geometry Control" integrated transmission and Ultra-High Torque Axial Flux Electric Motor. Seamlessly smooth, extremely powerful, and instantly responsive. Regen capable: able to recover energy during deceleration.

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